Vince Formica
Principal Investigator
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Hannah Donald-Cannon

lab manager

Hannah helps run both the field team when at Mountain Lake Biological Station and research lab at Swarthmore. She assists with both data collection and curation as well as research. In addition to maintaining the Formica lab database and sanity of lab members, she is broadly interested in entomology, education, and science outreach.

Kaylee Formica

managed lab

As the official Formica-lab lab, Kaylee is responsible for greeting all visitors, answering any calls, and is fully available to fetch anything for Dr. Formica. When not assisting the PI, Kaylee focuses her time on researching predator-prey interactions, specifically auditory cues that squirrels use to evade well hidden canines.

Each undergraduate in our lab develops and executes their own independent project. These projects result in posters, presentations, and published papers. 


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Vince Formica, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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Swarthmore College
Department of Biology
500 College Ave
Swarthmore, PA 19081

(610) 328-8621

I live at Mountain Lake Biological Station during the late spring and summer. There is no cell reception so the best way to contact me from Mid-May to Mid-August is via email.

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