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Curriculum Vitae
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* Underlined names denote undergraduate collaborators

Vilella-Pacheco, Zoromar.*, Lisa Mitchem, Vincent Formica, & Edmund Brodie III, 2021. Male competition reverses female preference for male chemical cues. Ecology and Evolution, 00:1–10 [PDF]

Vincent Formica,  Hannah Donald,  Hannah Marti, Zhazira Irgebay*,  Edmund D. Brodie III. 2020.  Social network position experiences more variable selection than weaponry in wild subpopulations of forked fungus beetles. J. Anim. Ecol.  00: 1– 15 [PDF]

Mitchem, Lisa, Reena Debray*, Vincent Formica, Edmund D. Brodie III. 2019. Contest interactions and outcomes: relative body size and aggression independently predict contest status. Animal Behaviour. 157, 43-49 [PDF]

Grunst, Andrea, Melissa Grunst, Vincent Formica, Marisa Korody, Adam Betuel, Margarida Barcelo-Serra, Rusty Gonser, & Elaina Tuttle. 2018. Morph-specific patterns of reproductive senescence: connections to discrete reproductive strategies.  American Naturalist. 191 (6): 744-755. [Link]

Grunst, Melissa, Andrea Grunst, Vincent Formica, Marisa Korody, Adam Betuel, Margarida Barcelo-Serra, Sarah Ford, Rusty Gonser, & Elaina Tuttle. 2018. Actuarial senescence in a dimorphic bird: different rates of ageing in morphs with discrete reproductive strategies. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B . 285: 20182053 [Link]


Grunst, Melissa, Andrea Grunst, Vincent Formica, Rusty Gonser, & Elaina Tuttle. 2018. Multiple signaling functions of song in a polymorphic species with alternative reproductive strategies.  Ecology and Evolution. 8: 1369-1383 [PDF]

Formica, Vincent, Corlett Wood, Phoebe Cook*, & Edmund Brodie III. 2017. Consistency of animal social networks after disturbance. Behavioral Ecology. 28 (1): 85-93
[Selected by Faculty of 1000, Ecology] [PDF]


Formica, Vincent, Hannah Donald-Cannon, & Ian Perkins-Taylor*. 2016. Consistent patterns of male mate preference in the laboratory and field. Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology.  70: 1805-1802 [PDF]


Formica Vincent & Amanda Chan*. 2015. No effect of host species on phenoloxidase activity in a mycophagous beetle. PLoS One 10(10): e0141167 [PDF]


Wood, Corlett, Hannah Donald*, Vincent  Formica, & Edmund Brodie III. 2013. Surprisingly little population genetic structure in a fungus-associated beetle despite its exploitation of multiple hosts. Ecology and Evolution, 3: 1484–1494. [PDF]


Benowitz*, Kyle, Edmund Brodie III, & Vincent  Formica. 2012. Morphological correlates of a sexually dimorphic performance trait. PLOS ONE 7: e42738. [PDF]


Donald*, Hannah, Corlett Wood, Kyle. Benowitz*, Rebecca Johnson*, Edmund Brodie III, & Vincent Formica. 2012. Nondestructive sampling of insect DNA from defensive secretion. Molecular Ecology Resources, 12: 856-860. [PDF]


Formica Vincent, Whitney Larsen*, Corlett Wood, Rebecca E. Butterfield, Helen Hougen* & Edmund Brodie III. 2012. Fitness consequences of social network position in a wild population of forked fungus beetles (Bolitotherus cornutus). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 25: 130-137. [PDF]


Formica Vincent, Joel McGlothlin, Corlett Wood, Malcolm Augat*, Rebecca E. Butterfield*, Mollie Barnard*, & Edmund Brodie III. 2011. Phenotypic assortment mediates the effect of social selection in a wild beetle population. Evolution, 65-10: 2771-2781. [PDF]


Formica, Vincent, Malcolm Augat*, Molly Barnard*, Rebecca. E. Butterfield *, Corlett Wood, & Edmund Brodie III. 2010. Using spatial analysis to define social networks in wild populations of insects. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 64: 1199-1208. [PDF]


Formica, Vincent. & Elania Tuttle. 2009. Examining the social landscapes of alternative reproductive strategies.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 22: 2395 – 2408. [PDF]


Holliday, Alison. Faye Walker*, Edmund D. Brodie III, & Vincent Formica. 2009. Differences in defensive volatiles in the forked fungus beetle, Bolitotherus cornutus, living on two species of fungus. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 35: 1302–1308. [PDF]


Tuttle, Elaina, Ryan Jensen, Vincent Formica, & Rusty Gonser. 2006. Using remote sensing image texture to study habitat use patterns:  A case study using the polymorphic White-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis). Global Ecology and Biogeography, 15: 349 – 357. [PDF]


Formica, Vincent, Rusty Gonser, Scott Ramsay, & Elaina Tuttle. 2004. Spatial dynamics of alternative reproductive strategies:  The role of neighbors.  Ecology, 85: 1125-1136. [Selected by Faculty of 1000] [PDF]

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